About us

We are a small „boutique“ type architectectural studio, which means that in all our endavours we tend to concentrate  on achievement rather than stiff organisational rules of the architectural firm. As a result we operate as a competent yet loosely connected group of profesionals united each time around the goals set up by an architect and his vision: three-dimensional, aesthetic and functional, from concept to full completion. We do acknowledge the key role the client plays in the design process – indeed through the puchase of plot or dealing with the initial development decision the client significantly determines  further design work – which in no doubt makes him at least the co-designer. 
In fact it is often the unity of client and designer that leads the project through the complications of the development process.


Marcin Ochmanski – lead architect

Marcin graduated with distinction from the Architectural Department of the University of Technology in Gdansk in late 80-ties. Since then he became an experienced designer working in numerous personal configurations of architectural teams as well as in many European countries. Since more than 20 years now he runs his own architectural enterprise by name of Marcin Ochmanski Architects  (MO-ARCH). He is a current member of  Polish Architects Chamber as well as British ARB (Architects Registration Board).  


Dorota Ochmanska

Dorota has been as an architectural technician getting a lot of experience at  many respectable architectural practices she worked for in the Tri-city area, before she decided to complete her architectural education at  the Architectural Department of the University of Technology in Gdansk. In the practice she is responsible for the coordination of the technical work as well as most of the interior design schemes.



Design often  is team effort. We wouldn’t be who we are profesionally  without our colleagues sharing their knowledge and experience. Amongst many excellent architects we worked with in the past special credit needs to be given to:
Prof. Szczepan Baum, Andrzej Kwieciński, Bartosz Borkowski, Bazyli Domsta, Anders Almer (social sciences), Tomasz Żarnowski and many others.

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